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I refer to myself as an “industrial folk artist.” I am enthralled by tugboats, the folks that work on them, and the natural marine environment .  I feel drawn to paint these stories along British Columbia’s beautiful coastline.


I have not always been a painter. Mostly I’ve been a craftsperson and business owner. I spent many years in the Yukon designing and building dog harnesses and equipment for sled dog racing.


After selling the sled dog business I went to the Shetland Islands and studied advanced machine knitting and designing. I then moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and started a sweater manufacturing company.

After going to Edmonton for a family visit, I dropped by the Edmonton Art Gallery and saw a show by Canadian Folk artist Joe Norris. His paintings spoke to my heart and changed my life. Joe’s work inspired me to become a painter. Besides Joe, other Folk artists such as Maude Lewis have influenced and motivated me in my work.

I am a mother of 3, Grandmother of 9, and a Great Grandma of 1.   My, later in life, artistic career is mostly self taught.

I live on Malcolm Island just off the north tip of Vancouver Island.   Most of my day is spent painting in my little “Folk Art Shack”  Named after its previous life as a rustic workshop.

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